Real Estate

SA LAW, P.C. represents individuals refinancing, purchasing, or selling single and multifamily homes, condominiums, new construction, and vacant land. We also represent creditors seeking to foreclose on delinquent debtors, and represent landlords needing assistance with tenants.

SA LAW, P.C. realizes the purchase or sale of a home is a significant financial undertaking and a major life event. We have been protecting the interests of clients during real estate transactions for many years. We understand there is much at stake and are dedicated to providing thorough explanations and timely service to simplify this process. We strive to efficiently resolve problems and provide appropriate protections for clients.

SA LAW, P.C. assists clients with real estate mortgage and inspection, so buyers are adequately protected. The inspection may alert both the buyer and seller to items needing costly repairs or zoning approval. In this event, the buyer and seller may seek to negotiate adjustments.

For buyers, SA LAW, P.C. assists clients with real estate mortgage and title search, and title insurance. We discuss documents relating to the mortgage with clients to ensure the terms are accurate and that there are no unwanted conditions. We also review a title search to confirm ownership.

SA LAW, P.C. provides full services for most lenders so that an additional attorney for the bank is not required. The firm assists lenders in connection with the closing by obtaining and reviewing a title search, providing the lender title insurance, preparing the HUD form, receiving and paying funds, recording the new mortgage, facilitating the payoff of the old mortgage, and preparing all mortgage related documents.

Finally, SA LAW, P.C. prepares all documents necessary for the closing. The firm resolves any differences that may arise out of the final walkthrough inspection and in the closing HUD form. Once all issues are resolved, the documents and funds are exchanged and ownership transferred.

In the unlikely event one party has failed to live up to his or her obligations during this process, SA LAW, P.C. can move quickly to file a lawsuit in the appropriate civil trial court seeking damages. SA LAW, P.C. prides itself in its litigation skill sets. The litigation background of the firm is a significant asset to clients under these extreme circumstances.
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